Sharda - Champagne Circuits

  • A super-sweet blend of house and UK garage.
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  • Leicester's Sharda makes feel-good tunes. (One track on this EP even has a vocal saying "feel good.") His style of UK garage-tinged house is super-sweet, like a cupcake covered with frosting. He's been DJing and making edits for a while, but it's only last year that he released any original music, finding camaraderie in the neo-UKG camp of Kiwi Rekords. His latest release offers six tracks that pair the slink of garage with the over-the-top euphoria of happy hardcore. Champagne Circuits ranges from the piano house of "Ravecity Riverfront" to whatever you'd call "Rowdy Boy Ringroad" (chipmunk soul?). The hooks can be intense—the pitched-up vocal sample on "Memory" sounds like someone screaming at the top of their lungs—but an infectious melody is never far away. Like Conducta but want catchier, squeakier vocal samples? Think Finn isn't ecstatic enough? Then Sharda's got your back.
  • Tracklist
      01. Ravecity Riverfront 02. Alpine 03. Tunnel Vision 04. Replay 05. Memory 06. Rowdy Boy Ringroad