Jon Hopkins & Kelly Lee Owens - Luminous Spaces

  • A touching collaboration from two leading leftfield artists.
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  • "Luminous Spaces," the debut collaboration from Jon Hopkins and Kelly Lee Owens, shows the power of thinking outside the box. Owens, tasked with remixing "Luminous Beings" from Hopkins' 2018 album, Singularity, chose to record new vocals and synth riffs instead of just rejigging the original stems. Hopkins loved it. "I got a beautiful sense of nostalgia and a true heart-lifting joy the first time I heard it," he said. You can see why. Owens' vocals, initially set to gentle twinkles and a low throb, have a pure, sparkling resonance. They later slip away, replaced by thundering kick drums and a darting melody. Basically slow trance, this section will sway big dance floors, though the most moving moments are the softer passages that bookend the noise. Listening to "Luminous Spaces" on a cold day will warm your insides.
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      A Luminous Spaces