Abstract Thought - Abstract Thought

  • Unheard tracks from the Drexciya universe.
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  • Alongside Lab Rat XL, Abstract Thought is one of the least-known Drexciya side projects. Fans can't even decide if its only record, 2003's Hypothetical Situations, was a group effort or just the work of Stinson, who died before its release. (Such disagreement is rare for a group whose fanbase is one of the most obsessive in all of electronic music.) One of the final albums in the Drexciya canon, Hypothetical Situations came out on the now obsolete Kombination Research label, and it's never been reissued. That's a shame, because it has some of the meatiest productions of late-era Drexciya, fuller and more melodic than LPs like Grava 4 and Harnessed The Storm. But Clone has done something even more exciting than a reissue, digging up three Abstract Thought cuts we didn't know existed. As Abstract Thought, Drexciya combined the serrated basslines from their early '90s material with the melodic prowess of Neptune's Lair, mixed in with neat effects that could make their trebly snares sound like they were underwater. The new tracks are the most exciting unreleased Drexciya cuts since Clone launched their Journey Of The Deep Sea Dweller series towards the beginning of the decade. The new 12-inch comprises three lengthy (for Drexciya) untitled tracks. The first is the most bumping, a slice of choppy electro with icy chords and those intriguingly squashed, submerged sounds. The second track is brighter, with an uncharacteristically warm sheen that might be the result of a more modern mixdown. These tracks suggest that Abstract Thought could have developed into something truly original in the Drexciya universe.
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      A1 Abstract Thought (Part 1) A2 Abstract Thought (Part 2) B1 Abstract Thought (Part 3)