In Verruf - RIV1

  • Brutalist techno on Kobosil's label.
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  • In Verruf is the latest Berlin producer recruited to Kobosil's R - Label Group, a revered outlet that released some of the year's meanest techno. (And one of its biggest hits with Kobosil's rework of Rosa Anschütz's "Rigid.") RIV1 looks like the first record from this new artist, and it's easy to see why it appealed to Kobosil. Fast and heavy, these industrial-tinged bombs are the kind Kobosil has been unleashing on massive dance floors all year. Best of all is "Too Much DMT," if only because it's the one track with anything close to a pleasant melody. Trancey and vaguely melancholic, "Too Much DMT" might remind you of the last time you caught Kobosil in the middle of a heaving warehouse dance floor, strobelights flashing while churning percussion bulldozed through the crowd. This is techno for only the biggest stages. But that won't stop R - Label Group's diehard fans from buying every single copy of this vinyl.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Leid A2 Tryp B1 Blutsturz B2 Too Much DMT