I.B.M. - La Zone Morte

  • Two fucked-up Jamal Moss bangers.
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  • Even Jamal Moss superfans find it tough to keep up with the Chicago artist's deluge of material. (In the last two years, he's released nine Hieroglyphic Being albums.) That's partly why a record like this, from the newly minted San Francisco label Immortal Sin, is so valuable. These two tracks, the first under Moss's I.B.M. (Insane Black Man) alias since 2015, distill his wild and prolific experiments for the dance floor. The A-side, "Body Parts," looks back to Moss's formative days at Chicago's Medusa club. It's a bracing mix of post-punk, acid and his own demented vocals that bangs like Ron Hardy's Kikrokos edit. The B-side, "La Zone Morte," is less remarkable, but still channels the straight-to-VHS rawness that sets Moss's catalogue apart. 100 copies, vinyl only. Step on it and freak your party.
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      A Body Parts B La Zone Morte