Flørist - 4 Letter Word

  • The Canadian producer turns to the dub techno sound of Berlin.
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  • Earlier this year, Logan Sturrock moved from Vancouver to Berlin. It's a familiar story that comes across in his new record, 4 Letter Word, which was produced in the months after relocating. The colours of his previous tracks have faded to the greyscale you see on the EP's cover art. But if Sturrock's debut on The Trilogy Tapes sounds like Berlin, it's the city's dub techno past, where hissy delay effects mix with rusty crackles and cold, snowy atmospherics. 4 Letter Word is a dramatic shift for the Flørist project, but it's one that suits Sturrock well. The closest comparison for the title track would be the "Internal Dub" of his breakout tune "Marine Drive," but stripped down to a dubby skank. Parts of the floating "Sail" are almost beatless, the space letting Sturrock's gorgeous synths bubble around the stereo spectrum. Best of all might be "Horn," a patient dance track with a hummable bassline. Everything about it is low-key, from the organ lead to the fidgety rhythm that recalls the sounds ringing in your ears after a marathon session at Berlin's Club Der Visionaere. Sturrock seems to be adjusting to his new home.
  • Tracklist
      A1 4 Letter Word A2 Sail B1 Horn B2 Bonus Beats