DJ Haram - Get It feat. Orion Sun

  • An ancient flute meets a massive bassline. It bangs.
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  • Burial's "Old Tape" isn't the only big tune from HyperSwim, a joint release by Hyperdub and Adult Swim. It's the compilation's second-shortest track, but it's a highlight among tunes from almost 20 high-profile artists (Kode9, Fatima Al Qadiri). True to DJ Haram's signature style, "Get It" blends traditional Arab instrumentation with modern electronic music production, this time pairing what sounds like a ney (a flute common across the Arab and Persian world) with a sparse, rumbling, bass-heavy beat and Oriun Sun's off-the-cuff vocals ("Get it, girl"; "Move your hips"). The ney has been played for centuries, making it one of the oldest musical instruments still in use. That it appears on "Get It" reflects the potential of producers looking outside electronic music for inspiration, combining sounds, scenes and eras to create something new.
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      01. Get It feat. Orion Sun