Various - SMANG-001

  • A promising new label from one of New York's best—and wildest—parties.
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  • Sublimate is a rite of passage for New York house heads wanting to get weird until sunrise—and often far past it. I recall an early visit where, amid the fog, sweaty bodies and Mike Servito's jacking acid beats, I realized I was dancing to house music in somebody's kitchen. The party is run by Matthew Sagotsky, who DJs as Sagotsky, and Tajh Morris, AKA Turtle Bugg, another treasured local turned international talent. For the past six years, they've offered the Brooklyn scene some of its most well-curated nights in many of its most interesting spaces. Even when held in larger venues, Sublimate maintains a no-frills family vibe that couples international stars like Ben UFO, Hunee and DEBONAIR with homegrown DJs. In 2019, Sublimate wrapped their second instalment of Smangtasia, a cozy weekender festival in upstate New York that dug even deeper into their support of US talent and queer DJ crews. The outfit has now evolved into a label, with a four-track EP featuring a collection of US DJs and producers who often soundtrack their nights, all of whom played their recent sixth-anniversary bash. Funky, weird and acidic, the EP features the kind of music you'd hear during their marathon night-to-afternoon parties. Brooklyn's Love Letters contributes a cut-up vocal jam that's a perfect blend of smooth classic house tropes and gritty sounds to beat the floor to. Russell E.L. Butler, an Oakland-turned-New York-dwelling vocalist and producer, teams up with another live techno artist, Indy Nyles, from their former home for a frenetic modular workout that stays true to its name, "Live At The Synth Library." Then there's Ali Berger, who shut things down with a shit-talking track about moving your ass on the dance floor. As if there's anything else you'd want to do at Sublimate.
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      A1 Love Letters - Hey Yo Who Dat A2 Russell E.L. Butler feat. Indy Nyles - Live At The Synth Library B1 Liquid Asset - Angel's Eggs B2 Ali Berger & Turtle Bugg - Nasty
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