Dro Carey - Act Like You're Home / Hemisphere

  • A top Australian producer returns with two solid tracks.
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  • As Dro Carey, Eugene Ward is known for versatile music, touching on grime, house, techno, hip-hop and more. His first release of the year features two strong club tracks. "Act Like You're Home" is bound to get stuck in your head, upbeat, active and energetic. Ward has gone international to lock down the vocals, collaborating with the Florida-based Beni Moun and the New Yorker Julietta. Don't be surprised to find yourself singing the lyrics to yourself after a few plays. The DJ-friendly "Hemisphere" is more introspective. You won't hear such prominent vocals, but you'll find lots of bass and a melody with intense synth bursts. It's not as dark as Ward's previous output, but it has the same mysterious aura. I'm already looking forward to Ward's next record, but for now, I'll savour this.
  • Tracklist
      01. Act Like You're Home 02. Hemisphere