FILM - Zero One

  • The electro sound of New Delhi.
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  • Electronic festivals in India have been instrumental in shaping electronic music culture in South Asia. They've galvanized subcontinental artists and given international DJs new touring options in the region. Compilation 2019 is a release from artists who performed at this year's Far Out Left festival in Mumbai, bringing together familiar names from New Delhi, Bangalore and, of course, Mumbai. "Zero One" by FILM, a New Delhi-based producer, invokes classic electro. It's fast and scattered with percussion, the atmospheric tones calling back to the golden era of '90s techno and electro. It's a window into the sound of Indian electronic music, one that's clearly inspired by the sounds of Europe and the US, but adjusted for a for a mellower, softer Indian ear.
  • Tracklist
      01. Zero One One