Joy Overmono - Bromley / Still Moving

  • Minimal fuss, maximum impact.
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  • You know those tracks that sit lodged inside your brain without you realising? "Bromley," the first cut on Joy Orbison and Overmono's debut collaborative release, is one of them. The trigger is often just a snippet—here, it's the rave cry of "Say it yeeaaaaah" that storms in just over halfway. I couldn't say where or how many times I've heard "Bromley" before but I recognised it instantly. There's a simple reason why: "Bromley," named after the London borough where Overmono have their studio, is a weapon with a very catchy sample. As such, it's had heavy support from DJs like Ben UFO and Four Tet. But, sample aside, its charm is understated, with no big synths or jungle breaks, just a bassy drum loop (also catchy as hell), some trancey pads and a few sudden, well-timed sample drops. Minimal fuss, maximum impact. "Still Moving," on the other hand, is in-your-face, a crazed banger built to overwhelm and shut down dance floors. Overmono's fingerprints are all over the smudged-tar synths, which swell repeatedly to frightening crescendos before receding into nimble percussion and, at one point, near-silence. The drums, intricate and funky, recall recent EPs by Joy Orbison. Together, the results are explosive.
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