Shygirl - BB

  • Two exciting artists meet on an inventive hip-hop track.
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  • Everything in "BB" feels ready to explode. Sega Bodega's string sample is squashed through a sieve and Shygirl's phrases come out in clipped bursts, the catchiest monotone you'll hear all year. The track is cocky but deservedly so, as Shygirl jumps through the bars like a parkour artist. She and producer Sega Bodega are part of NUXXE, a crew that effortlessly toys with the norms of pop and hip-hop. (One highlight's hook features a sample of Shygirl coughing.) But however arty NUXXE records get, they usually bang, and that's the clincher for "BB." It's not only an inventive hip-hop track but a technical showcase for Shygirl, who spits out words at a Twista-like pace with her teeth clenched. "There's only one winner in this bitch and I win everything," she snarls on the song's closest thing to a chorus, and it's difficult not to believe her.
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      01. BB