Aïsha Devi - S.L.F. Versions

  • Equiknoxx, Varg and more contribute to an adventurous remix EP.
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  • For SLF Versions, Aïsha Devi has collected remixes of her recent S.L.F. EP from Equinoxx, Varg, 33EMYBW and Gabber Modus Operandi. The original EP was an arresting collection of five tracks stamped with Devi's musical identity, and SLF Versions is a breath of fresh air in a scene full of churned-out remixes. Equinoxx remix "The Favor Of Fire," the original EP's most invigorating track. In their hands, hard dub beats resonate. The track is more Equinoxx's than Devi's, nodding to her source material while twisting it up before your ears. 33EMYBW's remix of "Two Serpents" is transformative. Rather than calmly wind around each other, as Devi makes them do, the titular serpents hiss wildly, baring fangs and threatening venom. "Uupar-Theory" is wrangled by Gabber Modus Operandi into a mad techno circus. Initially, the syncopated rhythms try to find their place around each other. But the track ends in a furore of unsynchronised beats and melodies. The quality of S.L.F. Versions is a lesson in how to approach remixes.
  • Tracklist
      01. Two Serpents (33EMYBW Remix) 02. Uupar-Theory (Gabber Modus Operandi Remix) 03. I'm Not Always Where My Body Is (Varg Remix) 04. The Favor Of Fire (Equiknoxx Remix feat. Gavsborg & Shanique Marie)