Jonnine - Super Natural

  • A HTRK member goes solo with an eerie new EP.
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  • Super Natural is Jonnine Standish's first release as Jonnine since joining HTRK. Co-produced by Nathan Corbin, the four-track EP follows years of encouragement to go solo from a therapist, inspired by moment with a broken guitar of her brother's that hadn't been played for years. Unsurprisingly, given that so much of Standish's music is rooted in her collaboration with bandmates Nigel Yang and the late Sean Stewart, there's residue of HTRK's icy drum-machine beats and dubbed-out guitar tones all over Super Natural. But this record is warmer. And funnier. Standish's vocals are brought way up in the mix so you can hear her half-sung thoughts on love, self-sabotage and obsession with a new clarity (15 years ago, they were usually concealed by shrieking feedback and distortion.) In the meantime, themes of self-care, metaphysics and the occult have wound tighter around HTRK's catalogue. The title of "Scorpio Rises Again," the lead single and EP highlight, makes that clear. It closes Super Natural with an eerie glide through sounds of finger-clicking and whistling. It's a strong expression of Standish's offbeat sensibility that suggests more exciting new productions are to come.
  • Tracklist
      A1 You're Wanting It To Go This Way A2 I Don't Seem Myself Tonight B1 You Can Leave The Vampires B2 Scorpio Rises Again