Michael David - Rain II (Jex Opolis Remix)

  • Beach party, basement rave—this remix might work at both.
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  • As a DJ, Jex Opolis challenges the definition of what counts as dance music. His productions, especially his stellar debut album, are the same. His pairing with Classixx member Michael David on David's downtempo-leaning new EP brings out the best in both. David's two versions of "Rain II" are slow and contemplative. Jex Opolis kicks the energy up slightly, making an acid squelch the bassline and laying down a slo-mo strut. It sounds like something off an '80s funk record, synth-orchestra hits and all. The Canadian remixer's touch shines through in the gleaming instrumentation, especially when the guitar floats into earshot. You might get some beach vibes, or, if you've seen Jex Opolis play, it might remind you of a sweaty basement. That it might do both is testament to his talent.
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      01. Rain II (Jex Opolis Remix)