J Sliwa - Eternal Now

  • The '90s meet the now on this exciting post-club EP.
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  • From Lorenzo Senni's trance appropriation to Rui Ho's hardcore revival, there are loads of artists cycling through what Mark Fisher called a "pre-existing deck of possibilities" from '90s dance music. Across tracks like "Chosen" and "Fear Nothing," J Sliwa's debut EP, Eternal Now, has the vocals of early '00s Europop, as well as pads and piano lines echoing the dream trance euphoria of Robert Miles's iconic "Children." But J Sliwa place the music firmly in the now by applying the muted broken beats and high-energy build-ups of the past to the shotgun samples and heavy sub-bass of a post-club present. The EP offers a fresh entry point into the cheesier parts of vintage dance music and makes them sound exciting again.
  • Tracklist
      01. Chosen 02. Body Mind Progress 03. Fear Nothing 04. Maternal Immortality 05. Believer