New York Trax - Zero RA

  • Raw, unpredictable techno for fans of Stanislav Tolkachev.
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  • Launching in 2016, the Brooklyn label New York Trax has been putting out experimental releases that showcase the weird side of New York's local scene. Its newest release comes from Deflector, a New York producer known for their cutting industrial sound. The revival of modular synth-style sounds has also reached New York. The metallic, rusty synths produced in Deflector's "Zero RA" proves why this analog comeback is so infectious. With a mischievous repeating melody and gritty synths transmitted in alternating pitches, the track gives a similar feeling to spiralling down a rabbit hole. Equal parts club-oriented and perturbing, it carries the alluring energy of an unpredictable live set.
  • Tracklist
      01. Zero RA