KiNK - Home

  • A new side to KiNK, including a career highlight.
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  • You don't go to KiNK for nuance. The Bulgarian producer, known for his rowdy live shows, is the closest thing dance music has to a rock star. But with Sofia, his new label, and the first EP, Home, nuance is the name of the game—at least in KiNK's terms. The music is meant to channel the contradictions of the Bulgarian capital, highlighting the beauty among the brutalism, the gleam beneath the dirt. Home is uncommonly emotional for KiNK, and stands out in his busy catalogue. "The Beauty," which features vocals from KiNK's partner and frequent collaborator, Rachel Row, is lilting trip-hop with angelic wordless vocals. It's like one of their vocal house tracks set adrift on the breeze. You can't say the same for "The Sun," which quivers with the energy of someone who's had one too many cups of coffee. It's boisterous and bouncy, with the live, syncopated drum programming that defines KiNK's electrifying performances—the ideal KiNK track. Then there's the breakdown, a bittersweet string motif that brings the track to an introspective halt. It's KiNK's version of a ballad, and one of the best tracks he's done in his 14 years of making music.
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      A1 The Sun A2 The Clock B1 The Grid B2 The Beauty feat. Rachel Row Digital: The Grid (Prototype Version)