Denham Audio - Bashment Juice

  • Mean breakbeats that move like a bulldozer.
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  • You might remember "Bashment Juice" from the end of our Cutting It: A Dubplate Special film. It sounds straight out of '91, like it was made to be cut onto a piece of thin, crackly acetate. Built on Amen breaks, "Bashment Juice" isn't exactly original, but it is different. Heavy and slow, it references the days of breakbeat hardcore before the genre sped up into jungle. Here, at a slower pace, the breakbeats are imposing. Paired with these acid basslines and rave chord stabs, they make the track sound like a bulldozer coming at you in slow motion. It's a throwback meant to do some serious damage in the club. That will happen once that second drops come in, the chunkiest breakbeat whomp this side of "Hackney Parrot."
  • Tracklist
      01. Bashment Juice