Rebūke - Rattle

  • Sterile tech house that quickly gets old.
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  • Within a few records, Rebūke has managed to make some of the most annoying dance music of the past year. That continues with Rattle, an EP for Drumcode that's even more grating than "Along Came Polly," Rebūke's breakout hit. "Rattle," his new EP's lead track, has the same clinical sound, but it's not the good kind. Instead, each element—the growling synth, the white noise, the ratcheting bleeps—seems designed to yank away any sense of warmth, a feeling that good electronic music (including tough techno) can provide. Even for Drumcode, a label that traded creativity for maximum dance floor impact years ago, Rattle is a low point, an EP of sterile sounds that quickly gets old.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Rattle B1 Operator B2 Metal