Sim Hutchins - Club Love

  • Sentimental rave tracks that pair pumping house with a heady concept.
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  • Sim Hutchins' latest idea blending dance music with a heady concept is an interactive multimedia piece based on a website that plays randomly generated iterations of his Club Love EP alongside heartfelt recordings of ravers reminiscing. (Users were encouraged to contribute their own memories, receiving a pre-release track in return.) Letting the website play on with the memories is an emotional experience—some stories are cute, some sad, some hilarious. It's a clever idea that underlines the complexity of club culture, and how it isn't always about losing yourself—it's about community, making memories and fostering new connections. That all might sound a little hokey, but thankfully Hutchins' soundtrack is complex enough to avoid clichés. The key track is "(Can't) Find Love In The Club," the kind of record that comes at a night's beginning or end, with a pitter-patter rhythm centered around a heart-tugging chord progression. It sounds like it's weeping. "(Won't) Find Love In The Club" hinges on the same sort of three-note melody, but here it's assaulted by discordant acid lines and a wiggling bassline. The effect is chaotic, like an expression of frustration. That leaves "(Let's) Find Love In The Club," which isn't so much a happy ending as an uncertain step forward. All three tracks are loaded with emotion in a way that feels nuanced and genuine.
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      01. (Can't) Find Love In The Club 02. (Won't) Find Love In The Club 03. (Let's) Find Love In The Club