Redrago - Shalom Alanation (Club Mix)

  • An intoxicating blend of nu-disco, post-punk and UK bass.
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  • I bet you didn't think the highlight from DJ Tennis and Red Axes' collaborative album would sound like a dubstep track, right? Well, that's sort of what happened. "Shalom Alanation," released separately as a chirpier club mix, has the feel of early Pangaea. There's even a suitably grubby, LFO-style bassline that puts its funky groove somewhere in the world of UK bass music. But Redrago aren't really making dubstep: instead, it's a witches' brew of influences that highlights the power of getting these three minds together. It's more intoxicating than anything the trio have made solo in a while.
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      01. Shalom Alanation (Club Mix)