Robyn - Ever Again (Patrick Topping Remix)

  • Big, bold and straight to the point—Robyn gets a big-room update.
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  • Robyn really went for it with her Honey remix project, tapping young trendsetters, dance music legends and modern superstar DJs, to name a few. Next up is Patrick Topping, one of the more talented producers in the Ibiza sphere. His take on "Ever Again" is lean and fast—at 132 BPM, it's the quickest track he's ever made. That aside, though, it's unimaginative, little more than the original vocal pasted over jarring electricity synths and a slamming groove. That's not to say it's bad—Robyn's performance is probably good enough to carry any remix—but, by aiming so squarely at the dance floor, something is lost.
  • Tracklist
      01. Ever Again (Patrick Topping Remix) 02. Ever Again (Patrick Topping Dub) 03. Ever Again (Patrick Topping Remix / Edit)