Pinch & Trim - That Wasn't It

  • fabric celebrates 20 years with this adventurous grime collaboration.
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  • "That Wasn't It" is the latest in a string of 2019 singles from Trim. As a collaboration with the dubstep artist Pinch, it's another step along the path he's forged as a grime artist with an ear for electronic experimentalism. Pinch is Trim's perfect collaborator. Laser-like synths and a sonorous, resonant bassline dance in and out of focus around Trim's bars. But as excellent as Pinch's accompanying instrumental is for Trim's boastful lyrics, the vocals and beat feel clearly distinguished from each other, not always working as a cohesive whole. Whether due to the work style of sending things across via email, or something else, each artist's input feels distinct and individual, making for a track that is undeniably good but sometimes the audio equivalent of two boxers squaring up. Even so, "That Wasn't It" is still a remarkable, complex release, peeling itself back to reveal a tricksy quality unique to both Trim and Pinch within their respective fields. "That Wasn't It" isn't a game-changer, but it's strong nonetheless.
  • Tracklist
      01. That Wasn't It