Overmono - Le Tigre

  • Bright, propulsive techno on a revered live act's first record of the year.
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  • Tom and Ed Russell have spent the year taking their live show around the world, their measured approach helping them become one of techno's revered live acts. Teasing the audience, they unleash the big moments—breaks and breakdowns—sparingly. "Le Tigre" is the duo's first track of the year, and it exemplifies this approach. Their version of a warm-up track, "Le Tigre" coasts on a garage beat, pulling in an occasional amen break to put some pep in its step. But aside from its initial splashy entrance, the payoff isn't the breakbeat: it's the arp melody at the centre of the track, its thick texture morphing with each new iteration. There's no big climax, no big drop, no a-ha moment—just six minutes of bright, propulsive techno.
  • Tracklist
      01. Le Tigre 02. Salt Mix