Fadi Mohem - Life Cycle

  • Euphoric techno on Ben Klock's label.
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  • When you're a DJ as popular as Ben Klock, great music finds its way to you. That's helped by having his own label, Klockworks, which might explain why so many of its records come from little-known producers. Klockworks is a low-key outlet that's been releasing quality techno tools since 2006, though it's had plenty of standout moments (DVS1's timeless "Running" comes to mind). The latest Klockworks EP, though, is about more than tools. Fadi Mohem's Release aims high with big chords and stunning sound design, the kind of touching moments Klock builds his sets around. Best of all is "Life Cycle," which rolls with the thundering chug of peak-time techno but with chords that feel like they were beamed down from heaven. The mood is euphoric the whole way through, the sunny synth loop only receding for the track's outro. A lot of modern techno is about doom and gloom, so tracks like "Life Cycle" are a welcome flash of colour.
  • Tracklist
      01. Life Cycle