Brown Irvin - Run Me That Soul

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  • In 2015, the Los Angeles label Motion Ward launched with a beautiful dub techno record from Brown Irvin, better-known for house and techno under the AshTreJinkins alias. A few releases later, Motion Ward is an established outpost for what Matt McDermott termed the "ambient underground," populated by producers like Ultrafog and uon. Four years on from the debut, Brown Irvin returns with Run Me That Soul, a two-track record that melts dub techno down. The drums on "Locution," the record's more rhythmic track, are submerged in fog. Voices, drenched in delay, float across the soundscape, as if "Locution" were designed to hypnotize you. "Overcast" is even more impressive, doing away with percussion entirely. The only rhythmic markers are high-pitched pings at the far ends of the stereo spectrum. You might hear a string section, but that might just be imaginary. "Overcast" is like taking a bubble bath in the wet ambience of an old Chain Reaction record. This tranquil ambient holds you rapt.
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      A Locution B Overcast