Anthony 'Shake' Shakir & Morphosis - BAD MANNERS 3

  • Funky, strange and effective remixes of unreleased Marcel Dettmann tunes.
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  • The second release on Marcel Dettmann's new BAD MANNERS label raises a couple of questions. It features remixes of unreleased Dettmann material by Anthony "Shake" Shakir and Morphosis that were apparently made many years ago. (Rabih Beaini stopped using the alias Morphosis around 2013, which perhaps provides a clue as to their age.) What was the original project? Why did the Dettmann originals never come out? Whatever the story, the strength of these remixes warrants a release. Shakir's version of "Eruq" is a reminder of just how funky, full-on and strange the Detroit artist's music has often been. This is Shakir riding his drum machines and synths the hardest; a clattering rhythm and screeching synths make this a cut that a DJ would need to time perfectly to make it work in the mix. Reviewing Call Super & Parris's recent 12-inch, Ray Philp asked if there could be such a thing as a big warm-up record. Well, if there can, I'd add this Morphosis remix to the list. As the hi-hat and spiralling synth arrive after four tantalising minutes, it's exhilarating to imagine a rapidly swelling dance floor being bathed in fog for the first time as the lighting scheme is changed and minds turn to the many hours of techno that lie ahead.
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      A Eruq (Anthony 'Shake' Shakir Remix) B Works (Morphosis 2013 Rework)