• Try not to smile while listening to Caribou's first new track in five years.
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  • It's been five years since Dan Snaith released music as Caribou and the ubiquitous echo of "Can't Do Without You" wafted across festival sites. That track, and the album it came from, was warm, big-hearted and worked best against the fading light of outdoor stages. Now, befitting his shapeshifting 20-year career, the Canadian artist returns with a similarly yearning work, albeit channelling vintage soul. "Home" hangs around a gorgeous Gloria Barnes sample taken from her 1971 song of the same name. Snaith retains the central hook but backs it with bright drums that skip and clap like children playing after school. Snaith's longtime friend Four Tet, who you can hear guiding the nostalgic beat, is credited as co-arranger—the track recalls his own output and, remarkably, Donuts-era J Dilla. (Dilla's younger brother, Illa J, lifted from the same sample in 2017.) Where "Home" will sit in the context of a full-length album is anyone's guess. For now, we can enjoy basking in its warm glow.
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      01. Home