Romare - Gone

  • An engrossing eight minutes of cinematic house music.
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  • Romare's first release in three years, a two-tracker called Gone / Danger, arrives on his longtime home label of Ninja Tune. With more conversation on black identity and appropriation than ever, it's not surprising Romare, a white male, has distanced himself from the controversial approach to sampling and naming tracks found in his early work. He's left us with music that's less likely to piss people off. Rather than emphasising vocals, "Gone" finds Romare leaning into the dance floor. It's fitting, given Romare has spent much of his hiatus from releasing music soundtracking clubs and festivals. His focus on percussion—in this case, a spacious steel drum—is still there. The track's eight minutes drift between lackadaisical valleys and upfront peaks. This progression makes for an engrossing listen.
  • Tracklist
      01. Gone