Samba - Winona

  • Strong, modern dubstep on Mala's label.
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  • Mala sets usually have a moment (or moments) where the intensity unexpectedly hits another level. The bass pressure might have been building for several tracks, with dancers locked into a sideways skank. Then it happens—a rhythm switch that introduces an 8- or 16-note pattern that gets gunfingers immediately skywards. "King Kan," the highlight from Samba's debut release on Mala's Deep Medi Musik label, is a great example of this. Its first 90 seconds are a reduced tremble of bass that explodes to life with the return of the beat and an 8th-note vocal stab. Continue dancing half-time or respond to this new part? That's the satisfying dance floor dilemma with this kind of track. "Snakes. Egos" is the other cut on a strong B-side. Like most of Samba's style of dubstep, it's loaded with distinctive samples and melodies, which in this case includes a plinky lead line of unknown origin that has a booming 808 bassline bouncing off it. I don't think "Winona" will get as many YouTube plays as its namesake by DJ Boring, but it's for sure a more accomplished club track. Samba surprises again with the smart use of a flute part, helping to create a mood that's part Disney, part DMZ. "Worms" has a few interesting elements but doesn't cohere as nicely as the others. No matter, though: three strong examples of modern dubstep sit elsewhere on the record.
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      A1 Winona A2 Worms B1 King Kan B2 Snakes. Egos