Murlo - Limbo (object blue's Flashback)

  • An evocative remix from an exciting London experimental artist.
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  • Since object blue's debut release last year, the use of space has helped define her style of experimental techno. Brimming with reverb, metallic clangs and woody thwacks, the London-based artist's tracks carry a physical, evocative quality that makes her a naturally good fit to remix Murlo's vivid grime. object blue's rework of "Limbo" puts an eerie spin on the original. Discordant feedback, muted electronics and ghostly synths dominate the mix until a shimmering synth melody unfurls alongside chiming bell-like percussion. Where Yamaneko's earlier remix of Murlo's "Ferment" explored a more serene sound, object blue's effort is foggy and distant, like some long-forgotten video game soundtrack.
  • Tracklist
      01. Limbo (object blue's Flashback)