DJs Pareja - The After

  • Psychedelic techno for the afterparty.
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  • The After is the latest EP from DJs Pareja, two respected artists from South America's dance music scene who have been DJing and producing since the early '00s. The After, coming out on Honey Soundsystem, is primed for the late-late nights, with four tracks of throbbing techno. The obvious hits are "I Think I Love You" and the title track—both have repetitive vocal refrains and ear-catching details (like the reversed drum sounds on "The After"). But don't overlook "Filtro." As the title suggests, this one's all about filter modulation, which creates an addictive psychedelic churn that flits across the stereo spectrum—the perfect afterhours trick from a duo who know how to please their crowds.
  • Tracklist
      A1 I Think I Love You A2 Mistic B1 Filtro B2 The After