• Warm-up records aren't often big, but this one is.
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  • Is there such a thing as a big warm-up record? Contradictory as that may seem, there are a few I hear out regularly. One track, Reagenz's "The Labyrinth," is a good example. Besides being completely sick, its oozing low-end and spacious breakdowns make it a handy skeleton key for transitions to the night's second phase. The two excellent tracks on Parris and Call Super's latest EP, CANUFEELTHESUNONYRBACK, could also unlock this door. There's a sustained drum roll on "Majenta" that presents a slipway for a DJ's next track to take it up a notch. Or they could simply continue on its snaking syncopations of nocturnal bass, piano and percussion. When electric organs and trilling marimbas eventually emerge, it's as though the bulbs on a fairground have started blinking to life. With "Chiselers Rush," this same night-to-light effect happens through a lovely burst of twitchy, endorphin-rich melody.
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      A Chiselers Rush B Majenta