Leif - Montpelier/Rumex

  • Two smooth tracks from the undisputed master of the sunny afternoon warm-up vibe.
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  • Leif's TIO label has been a joy to follow. The series has given him space to explore and refine a production style rooted in dreamy, pastoral psychedelia. The most recent editions, which, like this one, featured two tracks pressed on a ten-inch and accompanied by Gethin Moller's vivid artwork, included some of his best work to date. The third doesn't disappoint. The UK producer is at his best when he's playing on the border between dance music and ambience. "Montpelier" sums it up perfectly. Floating drums, hats and occasional bursts of claps anchor a delicate interplay between keys and sweeping pads that brings to mind the gentler side of early Floating Points. It's the perfect soundtrack to lying in grass or swaying on a half-empty dance floor. "Rumex," a mellow and jazzy dubstep track, is almost as good. Leif is an undisputed master of the sunny afternoon warm-up vibe.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Montpelier B1 Rumex