Bakongo - Momoweb

  • Roska rekindles his early magic on this percussive EP for Livity Sound's sub-label.
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  • Go back and listen to Roska's "Squark." The sparseness, the absurd sawtooth chords, the stupid whistle sound—it's blank-faced funk of the highest order. Roska himself hasn't been able to touch it either, though years of pop crossovers and UK funky mutations have kept his records interesting even when it feels like he's the only one left making the sound. Momoweb is a new Roska release—under a variation of his Uncle Bakongo alias—on Livity Sound's Dnuos Ytivil sub-label, a series generally reserved for the youngest and most exciting artists in UK-style dance music. That in itself feels like an endorsement, a suggestion that something special is happening. And a few minutes into "Momoweb," the A side, you'll hear some of that "Squark" magic. "Momoweb" is exactly what you'd want from a Roska track. Its one chord sounds wonky and askew, hitting a wrong note. There's a nasty bassline, which seems to slip between the jaunty hand percussion that frames each bar. The lead cut is the highlight, but the other two tracks are no slouch, particularly "Disposition," which might win the award for the most bongos ever found in a Roska track. The way they dance around the grid is mesmerizing.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Momoweb B1 Disposition B2 Goulbap