Nightwave - The Journey

  • Glistening house music loaded with energy.
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  • Maya Medvešek's policy in the studio seems to be: if the energy is up, I'm down. Her taste in dance music is open-ended, having spent the past decade writing spirited takes on most major styles. This attitude, found on releases for Fool's Gold and Unknown To The Unknown, has prevented her approach feeling incoherent. 2019 has so far been something of a four-on-the-floor year for the Glasgow-based artist. Of the two EPs she's released this year, she found particular success on Rainbow Body, which was marked by a glistening and melodic take on uptempo house music. There's more of the same on The Journey, a development and expansion of similar ideas. In this respect, the title track is the most impressively realised. A rainbow-like arpeggio, choral pads and soft vocal cries create a vast vista of colour, one so bright you might need sunglasses to appreciate it. A remix by the Lisbon artist Violet offers a more winding journey, particularly thanks to its complexified beat, but it'll probably be less widely appealing to DJs. "Jiboia Groove," a chunky, synth-lead stomper, is similarly club-ready, but I found myself wondering if the ubiquitous hardcore break sample was truly needed, a question that's answered by "Forest Guru," a fresher-feeling execution of the same basic idea. The one track that actually doesn't fit the EP's theme works the least well. "Monkey Puzzle" is a ripsnorting acid workout that lacks the pretty allure of the others.
  • Tracklist
      A1 The Journey A2 Jiboia Groove B1 Monkey Puzzle B2 The Journey (Violet Remix) Digital: Forest Guru