Charlotte Bendiks - Hjemme Erotic / Bon-Sexy

  • Sex, drum machines—it sounds like Chicago house.
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  • From Lil' Louis to Moodymann to Aphex Twin to, well, hundreds of ghetto house and ghettotech tracks, dance music has always had an intimate relationship with sex. Charlotte Bendiks, a Norweigan artist with appearances on Cómeme, Hivern Discs and Uncanny Valley to her name, appreciates this more than most. "I don't want your love, I just want your body," she sang on 2013's "Afterhours," the first track on her debut EP. Even when she hasn't been this upfront about it, plenty of Bendiks's minimalist, Chicago-inspired house tracks have crackled with carnal energy. This new one, though, isn't about hints or innuendo—Hjemme Erotic / Bon-Sexy gets right down to it. Heavy breathing and moans are as much a part of the rhythm on "Hjemme Erotic" as the snares and hi-hats. Bendiks keeps things incredibly simple, building a tense, militant groove that could be considered a DJ tool. "Bon-Sexy" is also powered by a raw drum machine, but it's more musically developed. A sample of what sounds like a Middle Eastern string instrument surfaces periodically atop a sly bassline, a part that feels like a hallmark of Matthew Herbert's Accidental Jnr label. There isn't much that's truly notable about these tracks, but Bendiks does show that sex noises and drum machines are still a classic couple.
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      A Hjemme Erotic B Bon-Sexy