Stanislav Tolkachev - When I Was A Boy

  • A new repress that includes one of Tolkachev's best tracks in years.
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  • Right Angle, a 2014 EP by Stanislav Tolkachev, has just been repressed by Semantica Records. The new version comes with two new tracks. One of them, "When I Was A Boy," might be your favourite Tolkachev track of the past few years (it's this week's RA podcaster's top track of 2019). As with Tolkachev's best tunes, the mood is gloomy but vague. There's also a touch of hope transmitted in the endlessly looping flute-style melody, weaving between the thuds of a typically rigid Tolkachev kick drum. "When I Was A Boy" won't appeal to every techno DJ (like most Tolkachev tunes), suited only to a night's very early (or very late) hours. This is music best heard at home, where its snake-charming melody, a rarity for Tolkachev, could lead to some deep introspection.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Like No One Is Watching A2 White Blood Cell B1 Right Angle B2 Past C1 When I Was A Boy C2 Like No One Is Watching (Ben Sims Edit)