Rhyw - Lurk Late

  • Deep, mind-bending techno from one half of Cassegrain.
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  • Many of the records on Seilscheibenpfeiler are big and bold, which might explain why Rhyw's Lurk Late slipped under the radar upon its release last month. Deep and twisted, it's a long way from the peak-time hits most listeners would associate with Modeselektor's label, which has released a number of high-impact bombs since being revived last year. But Lurk Late, which sounds perfect for Marcel Dettmann's sparse techno sets, should be in any self-respecting DJ's crates. That's especially thanks to "Tap To Resume," a snaking, percussive deep techno tune. Despite the static hovering in the midrange, the drums hit deceptively hard, so don't be afraid to mix it with your tougher tunes. Even so, save it for some time deep into the night, when the lines for the bar have vanished and dancers are swaying from side to side, eyes closed.
  • Tracklist
      A1 IRL A2 Tap To Resume B1 Lurk Late B2 Triangle Escape