ELLES - emo_ecstasy_everything

  • Rich, beatless tracks for your next DJ set.
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  • emo_ecstasy_everything is a meek but intriguing EP featuring beatless tracks that would work as building blocks for compelling blends in a DJ set. Some touch on trance, like the billowing synths of "god," while "Dreamed U Again" is a ghostly pop song—think Tirzah—built on a bed of abstract noise that could be radio interference. This music is about detail. The chipmunk vocals of "Alive" strike out in dead silence, while the textured bassline of "lightning strikes" makes even a whisper-quiet track feel anthemic. Only "Zero Hour Contract" has drums, but even these float as if they were treading water, outlining the curious sense of timing that makes ELLES's quiet music stand out.
  • Tracklist
      01. Lighting Strikes 02. Alive 03. Zero Hour Contract 04. Dreamed U Again 05. God