John Daly - Losoul / Benjamin Brunn Remixes

  • Benjamin Brunn gives John Daly an abstract yet stunning remix.
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  • John Daly may have spat out his morning coffee when he opened the email containing Benjamin Brunn's remix of his new track. Five minutes of synth squiggles and tape hiss, it's likely the most abstract thing Daly, a veteran Irish house producer, has ever been associated with. It gets especially weird halfway through when the opening section's vague groove, supplied by bass tones and a single clap, is yanked away, letting the random zaps of synth simmer in the enveloping silence. I'm not sure what Daly was expecting from Brunn, who's been making deep house almost as long as he has, but it probably wasn't this. It's a stunning track, though its intricacies will unfortunately be confined to a party's opening moments. Losoul, another veteran producer, provides the package's only floor-friendly cut. An old-school house loop that runs for 11 minutes, it's an ultra-functional counterpoint to Brunn's heady contribution.
  • Tracklist
      A Stay Close (Losoul Gonzos Way Remix) B One Four Tee (Benjamin Brunn Remix)