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  • A welcome excursion into Italo, endorsed by Solomun.
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  • "My Computer," the latest hit from Adana Twins, could be the classiest of their career. Swapping big piano chords and soaring vocals for an Italo bassline and snappy percussion, the Hamburg duo take a welcome trip into outer space. This cosmic sound occasionally pops up in the sets of Solomun, the superstar DJ behind Diynamic Music, the label releasing Adana Twins' new EP. (Solomun is known to spin the Italo-tinged "Family Business" by The Superman Lovers.) It's a promising new direction for the Twins, whose usual sound is tough to distinguish from other big-room house specialists. The rest of Picture: Adana Twins has more conventional big-room material, so longtime fans will find plenty to like. But giving "My Computer" a full side of vinyl suggests Adana Twins, and Diynamic, are confident in this new approach. Let's hope it's not a one-off experiment.
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      A My Computer feat. Glowal B1 Agonist B2 Maoa C1 C3PO D1 Nobis D2 Little Karlo