Floating Points - Last Bloom

  • The latest transmission from Sam Shepherd's forthcoming album.
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  • Like "LesAlpx," the first single from Sam Shepherd's upcoming album, Crush, "Last Bloom" is primed for the dance floor. But it bristles with a spikier energy, teeming with newly foregrounded detail. The track begins with needling, woody synthesizer before Shepherd introduces jazzy atmospherics. So far, so Floating Points. But suddenly a walloping, writhing, garage-inflected groove careers into the track. It's skittish, with Shepherd constantly tweaking microscopic parts of the beat to produce a soundscape in constant flux. "Last Bloom" feels less cosmic than Shepherd's previous output, but its shapeshifting form and twinkling flourishes are just as magical.
  • Tracklist
      01. Last Bloom