Rosa Anschütz - RR4

  • Kobosil turns a moody industrial track into a techno anthem.
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  • Max Kobosil is a Berghain resident whose sound is often aligned with EBM. You hear this in DJ sets peppered with distorted shouts and sequencer-driven basslines, and in the 105 EP for Ostgut Ton, which signified a shift from the ambient and industrial leanings of his early 12-inches. "Rigid," by the transmedia artist, composer and vocalist Rosa Anschütz, was released digitally in May on Quiet Love Records. Its appearance on RR4 is testament to Kobosil's knack for picking out overlooked music. (RR2's "Here Comes The Storm" by Radical G & The Horrorist was spotted on a live CDr from 2013.) On Kobosil's "44 Rush Mix," the melody and Anschütz's gothic vocals are accentuated and transformed, capturing the euphoric energy of the most climactic moments in Kobosil's DJ sets. The original, dubwise, woozy and melancholic, is far removed from his typically high-octane energy and a welcome respite from R-Label Group's trademark austerity. Despite spanning only two tracks, RR4 is the most diverse offering on the label's catalogue so far.
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      A Rigid (Kobosil 44 Rush Mix) B Rigid