Sasha - Ripcord

  • The veteran artist's strongest solo record in years.
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  • Sasha, who's about to turn 50, might be one of the most enduring producers out there, but he's also a judicious one. He doesn't clutter his releases with filler, preferring to allow the tracks to breathe and speak for themselves. "Ripcord," arriving as a single with no remixes, is his strongest solo work in years. As with classic tracks such as "Xpander" and "Mongoose," a sense of anticipation is established early, and Sasha takes his time to deliver on it. A spongy bassline throbs with muted urgency while a hi-hat ticks like a time bomb. Ghostly pads create the spooky mood Sasha's always captured so well, which evolves into something more propulsive before he draws back again, teasing the track out in the same way he would one of his mixes. By the time the track reaches its zenith, the reward almost feels carnal.
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      01. Ripcord