ANNA & Kittin - Forever Ravers

  • An electroclash icon revisits her early sound.
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  • It's not always what you say, but how you say it. Or, in the case of ANNA and Kittin's new EP, who's saying it. Uttered by a lesser artist, the vocals on this track might grate in spite of the purity of the sentiment. We're fucking ravers, we're fucking ravers, fucking ravers, we're fucking ravers, fucking ravers, fucking ravers. But when you're a legend like Kittin, armed with the coolest detached vocal in the business, well, you can say whatever the fuck you want and it will probably still sound like a sermon. It helps that ANNA's production is her most scorching to date, riding on a rude, radioactive bassline borrowed from peak DJ Hell era that's a natural fit for the queen of electroclash. Tickling hi-hats and spacey bleeps weave in and out, but it's all about that bassline, made on Reaktor and designed to detonate any dance floor it's heard on. The bassline is absent from ANNA's instrumental "Ravers In Space" mix, which swaps potency for narcotic blear. The original track is at once nostalgic and refreshing, evoking that thrilling turn-of-the millennium period when tracks like Vitalic's "La Rock 01" lit up the dance community. In hindsight, it feels like a relatively simple time. In 2019, ANNA and Kittin, cast here as both disciple and guru and as united equals, are trained on reintroducing the tenets of PLUR to the masses. "Techno gender fluid," Kittin purrs. It's a succinct, perfect rallying cry.
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      A Forever Ravers B Forever Ravers (Anna‘s Raving In Space Mix)