Lindstrøm - Really Deep Snow

  • Sprawling cosmic disco that teases Lindstrøm's new album.
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  • "Really Deep Snow" is one of four tunes from Lindstrøm's sixth solo album, On A Clear Day I Can See You Forever. It's the first album he's made exclusively with hardware, an approach you can hear in this lean first single. Skating at around 150 BPM, significantly faster than Lindstrøm's usual, it's not much more than a kick drum, bubbling synth line and the occasional chime. There are also atmospheric effects and a few jagged synth tones, but it's still fairly one-dimensional for Lindstrøm, a producer who crafted what might be the best cosmic disco track of all time. That said, this type of slow-burning music isn't about instant gratification, so "Really Deep Snow" is probably best heard as part of a larger whole.
  • Tracklist
      01. Really Deep Snow