Stef Mendesidis - Klockworks 26

  • Fast, one-take techno for Ben Klock's label.
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  • Stef Mendesidis's first EP for Ben Klock's label, Klockworks 23, was released between new and archival releases by veteran techno producers Heiko Laux and The Advent. This reflected Klockworks' tradition of weaving new artists alongside classic names, a curatorial move encapsulated in the label's 20th release, a compilation in which Sterac, DVS1 and Dax J shared sides with newcomers Newa and Troy. While the compilation showcased the streamlined and subtle sides of the veterans (Laux's "Dark Fader" and Sterac's "Lately" come to mind), Mendesidis's productions are lively and energetic in comparison—traits owing to his live, one-take recording method where filtering and effects move in and out of the mix. Klockworks 26 follows this formula to potent effect. "Celesta 33," its approaching sectional changes unashamedly implied by a high-pass filter, is anthemic and uplifting. "Cyber Document" and "Hunt," propelled by cryptic vocal stabs and snappy drums characteristic of Mendesidis's best work, are moodier and as fast-paced as you'll find in the Klockworks catalogue.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Cyber Document A2 Celesta 33 B1 Pain Killer B2 Hunt