Bedrock Original Series OS.01 - Desyn Masiello (Unmixed)

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  • The Bedrock Original Series mix by Desyn Masiello for me is one of the highlight mix releases of the year so far, and it should provide the DJ community with some joy seeing that Bedrock have decided to release 4 of the tracks from the album over 2 slabs of vinyl. First up is ’We Got The Muzik’ by Sebastian Ingrosso & John Dahlback. An absolute stormer of a funky house track, the production builds for the first few minutes leading into a massive explosion of the main baseline and beats, a moment that would have probably stood out for many on the album. The track features another nice breakdown midway, and maintains a good level of energy throughout. On the flip is perhaps my real highlight of the mix album, that being ’Joyous Loop’ by Community Spirit. The track has plenty of admirable qualities, those being the very nice drum loops that continually change shape throughout the track, or perhaps the unmistakable melody that gives the track a great summer feel. Another good strength is the very subtle vocal riffs that feature throughout the track. First up on the second disc is Prawler with ’Frisco’. Another pretty funky affair but with plenty of solid beats and strength to the track. The flow is pretty smooth throughout, and despite the funky edge, the track is quite minimal in parts and remains pretty smooth for its entirety. Finally, ’All Nite Long’ by Stylophonic gets a notable inclusion on the Vinyl Pack. A track that really set the mood early in the mix, the production features gritty synth patterns and crisp beats that give the track an irresistible flow, especially late on as the track hits an extra gear with some uplifting moments. A very solid vinyl pack of a very good mix album. As with many vinyl packs, some might be disappointed with some tracks that were not included, but the ones that were are quite solid, especially the fantastic ‘Joyous Loop’!